512 Wit

512 brewery wit

Another wheat beer.

It’s already November, and Austin is still reaching temperatures in the 90’s. Wheat beer seems to be always a reasonable choice here.

A very nice cloudy yellow. I tend to like wheat beers that have a bit of “haze” in them. This typically means that the beer is less filtered or unfiltered, which translates to a “fuller” mouth feel. Very thin head with little to no lacing.

Nice yeast/grain aroma, along with orange and lemon peel.

Classic wheat bear taste. Slightly sweet, with hints of orange. Carbonation is a little bit high initially, but if you keep it in your mouth it mellows out nicely. Finishes off dry with a pleasant sour/citrus aftertaste.

-Available at:

  • Draught House Pub
  • Green Muse Cafe on Oltorf

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