July Photo Contest Winners


I’ve been super busy with hackathons and bicycling!

This is long overdue, but here are the winners for the Aperture Junkies’ July photo contest.

1st: Daniel Chen – Pro Flickr membership ($24)

A shining example of why you should try and take pictures during the “Golden Hour” which occurs during sunrise and sunset. As the sun sets or rises it creates very vibrant warm tones. I love Daniel’s picture since the reflection of this building is actually not in a lake or river… it’s actually a puddle on the sidewalk! Great eye, great catch.


2nd: Waytao Shing – Tea Lounge Giftcard ($10)

So many good things about this portrait. In all portraits the first thing that you usually notice are the eyes. The catch lighting on the eyes is wonderful, and from there the model’s arms take your eyes for a trip all around the frame. I love the detail in the hair on both sides of the model’s face, as well as the simplicity of her outfit. It’s cool that one side of the model’s hair is high key (lighter tones) and one side is low key, giving you a clue about how her hair looks under 2 different situations. The overall tonality of the picture is great aswell, rich deep blacks to hints of highlights on her hands near the face, and overall great use of grey midtones. Yep… pretty awesomes.


3rd: Alexander Wang – Tea Lounge giftcard ($5)

I’ve never really come across a picture quite like this, and I think thats why I like it so much. The focus on the gridlines is just… unique, and it fits with the vertical structure of the buildings. I like the cool tones as well. Cheers to Alex for the interesting shot.


The next photo contest will be all about portraits. I’ll post the rules and details later, but I think the due date will be around the end of september.

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