Live Photography Tutorials


My philosophy about photography is that you should a carry a camera with you where ever you go. It doesn’t have to be a heavy DSLR, even a cellphone works. The idea is that photography makes even the mundane aspects of life, such as waiting for a bus or walking from destination to destination fun or interesting. Also it helps you remember or commemorate events that you want to keep forever, such as going on a trip with friends, a lover, the moments that define who you are.

in transit

It makes you look at the world differently, it’s funny how you start noticing things that you may have never noticed before. The process of creating an image starts with you, it stems from the very core of what you find interesting. For me it’s cute girls, dogs, food, and public transport… but yeah it can be anything. What’s more is that once you start taking more and more pictures, you’ll begin to notice a slight change in the subjects that catch you interests. The idea is to get comfortable with the subject matter in your photos, up until the point where you can capture them and convey how you feel about them to the viewer.


In order to do that we need a knowledge of how the settings in our camera works, also we need to know how to frame and actually take the image. This is what I hope to teach to some extent… but I’m still learning myself so I’ll do my best.

toro @ morimoto

This is a little preview for my next photography tutorial session in conjunction with the Texas Photography Club. Should be happening within the first 2 weeks of February 2013. Join the facebook group, and keep an eye out =).