Texas Wild Flowers


On my way back to Austin, it was hard to ignore all of the patches of wild flowers on the side of the road. The problem was I was driving over 70mph and I found it hard to stop at a particular patch. Eventually I spotted a field in the distance and pulled over to the side of the road.


For this set I really wanted to get shallow depth of field, so I used my Canon 5D (Mk1), along with a 50mm f/1.4 a 100mm f/2 lens.

For these types of shots I find it better to really bend down to get on the level with the flower. When you do this, you can really create a shallow depth of field or blurry background that has the color of not only the grass, but the other flowers in the field.

Often times wind will move the flowers, which will cause motion blur in your images, as well as possibly pushing them in and out of focus. To eliminate this, try shooting with a shutter speed over 1/200, and keep trying until you have a picture that is really in focus.

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