Winter with the Olympus PEN

I’m not updating this site a lot, I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t think my life is interesting enough to share anymore. Hum.

Anyways I took a trip to California during the week of Christmas. I was with family most of the time, and I had a really good time.

santa cruz
We rented a beach house for the extended family to stay at.


If I could go back and take this shot again, I would have used a shallower depth of field to make it more dreamy. I still think the image captures the mood right… nothing like feeling the waves come in and out with your toes.


Here’s my niece, Alexi, she was quite the entertainment for the whole trip. Very bossy kid.

phil's fish market cioppino

We went to Phil’s Fish Market, famous for being on Bobby Flay’s show Throwdown for their cioppino. I mean… what more could you ask for, a very hearty tomato based soup totally loaded with fresh seafood.



Some of us went to a the aquarium in Santa Cruz. It was aiight.

peeking interest

A lady on her cellphone with a cute dog, in the tourist town next to the aquarium.

Salt and Pepper Crab at R&G Lounge. Apparently this place gets packed very fast for lunch and dinner, so get there early, like around 11AM for lunch or 5PM for dinner. We actually just stopped in to try this dish only, which was totally worth it. The crab, which has a ton of meat, is coated in a very light and flavorful batter. Quite delicious =P.



Near the end of the trip we went to San Fran’s Japanese garden, which is a lot more beautiful than Houston’s in my opinion.


Japanese Maple is so pretty!


Shadows of leaves on a walking bridge.

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